Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 reasons why Computer is better than GirlFriend :)

Got it from a blog.. worth sharing :P . Anyway this one gives me hope :D

1.) It doesn’t talk back to you. At best it beeps or gives you the silent treatment.

2.) It provides you with more information than any girl will ever know.

3.) When you upgrade you know the costs up front.

4.) You can stare at tons of other girls and your computer will never get mad at you.

5.) You can shut her down whenever you get tired of her.

6.) Troubleshooting your computer is much easier than your GF.

7.) Your computer holds many valuable bits of information about your past and still likes you.

8.) You can press your computers buttons without any worry of repercussions.

9.) Your computer won’t sleep with your best friend or cheat on you.

10.) Your computer will cost a lot less than any girlfriend!

And this one is too funny :
There are basically 7 TYPES OF GIRLS :
  1.   HARD DISK Girls: Remember everything forever....
  2.   RAM Girls: Forgets about you the moment you go away from her.
  3.   SCREENSAVER Girls: Just for looking.
  4.   INTERNET Girls: Difficult to access.
  5.   SERVER Girls: Always busy when needed.
  6.   MULTIMEDIA Girls: Makes horrible things looks beautiful.
  7.   VIRUS:These type of girls are normally called ‘WIFE’ once enters in your system don’t let you free even after format..


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