Thursday, July 14, 2011

MOM - my strength , my weakness!

If you ever need to , i will move mountains for u ;
i will change the directions of rivers , if you want me to .
Becoz , u were der for me when i was down and dusted;
you were there when i felt gutted.
you laughed wid me ,  you cried wid  me ,
you shared every bit of my life wid me.
You are the one who cared for me each day,
You are the one who showed me God and how to pray.
you have been like a friend i never had;
you have been like a mentor i've always had.
You gave me the strength to fight, you inspire me to always be right;
Wherever I may be, you will always be in my sight.
Hence the truth be told;
MOM, you are my favorite person in this world! Behold!

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