Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Access mediafire , megaupload in India

Rapidshare , Mediafire and other file sharing sites are blocked in india . Video lovers who watches their favorite videos or likes to share interesting clippings on file sharing sites such as Rapidshare, Mediafire, Megaupload, Hotfile, Fileserve and more will not be able to do so henceforth in India. When they tried to access such file sharing websites, there will be an error message “this site has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom (DOT).

If you want to bypass the DOT blocked file sharing websites in India, you can use these methods:

1. Google DNS

Change your DNS to and . You can use DNS Jumper or NameBench to determine which DNS is faster for you.

2. OpenVPN

While proxy usually works to bypass blocked website but when it comes to file sharing generally proxy is useless because of low speed. So you need to use VPN which is faster and more user friendly.

Best free open vpn services i recommend are Real-vpn or hostizzle .

To use real-vpn is simple .

  1. Sign up ( username and e-mail ) .

  2. Check your e-mail for password .

  3. Download VPN location (its a .rar so extract the files ) .

  4. Download and install "http://swupdate.openvpn.net/community/releases/openvpn-2.2.1-install.exe" .

  5. Copy the extracted VPN locations inside the client folder and paste it in Example::C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\config.

  6. Edit the realvpn.auth file with the Notepad and put your Credentials(login and password ) into it [replace login and pass with urs username nd password].

  7. Run OpenVPN (Run as administrator )  and connect to the VPN (best works for me is  de.real-vpn.com 443 ).

3. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a fancy app that gives you US or UK IP Address. It can be used to bypass hulu, Pandora, and many other blocked website in the world. I already tried it with file sharing and works fine and the speed is very fast. But only limitation is for free user it provide limited access .

4. Other methods

You may also try :

Ultrasurf, Freegate, Your-Freedom, Cyberghost to bypass file sharing in India.

5. HotSpot shield

Hotspot Shield is the world's most trusted free VPN, used by over 10 million people to access blocked web sites and to browse the Internet securely . its easy to install and use . Recently i found it most reliable vpn service.
you can download it from here.


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